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Resources for tennis players to help you grow. Get access to great deals and advantages. Play in Europe, colleague tennis or in France you choose.


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Who are we

Tennis player agency was born with the idea of being a virtual platform that facilitates the connection between European clubs and players from all over the world.

 In the first year of operation, it was highly successful, obtaining more than 20 contracts with different players in the traditional manager format. But we didn’t settle for that, and we decided to give our platform a new format. 

Now you can join the community on telegram and find different offers to play in Europe and great deals with us.


Our partners

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Our partners

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How can we help you

We decided to create a new annual membership system, in which the player will not only have access to the potential contract with a club, but will also enjoy many other benefits. 

We are very aware of the needs of players who are not fully integrated into the tennis elite, and we decided to offer them exclusive benefits through partnerships with different brands and companies, which will help them save a lot of money. 

We aim to provide the player with a significant contribution at a very low annual cost, as by having access to our community, they can save up to $1,000 USD per season.

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What they say

"For me, it was the first time playing in the German League and everything was executed perfectly, just as we had discussed."

Diego Barreto (ESP) Professional tennis player ERDMANNHAUSEN E.V. (club)

"It was a pleasure working with TPA this year, from day one until it ended they were attentive to how I felt with the club."

Gonzalo Lama (CHI) Professional tennis player MTG MANHEIM
Gonzalo Lama

"I felt very comfortable working with TPA; they understand the needs of a professional player very well, and that made things much easier for me."

Martin Cuevas (URU) Professional tennis player VILLAFORTE TENNIS



Memberships comparison

Choose your plan



Basic discounts to help you launch your carrer

$ 50 Year
  • Get interclub offers
  • No comissions
  • Clothing discounts

    Special offers from our partner LERZ.


More discounts to be better prepared

$ 99 Year
  • Get interclub offers
  • No comissions
  • Discounts to play college tennis

    Get a discount with our partner to find a college scholarship that suit you.

  • Discount to play in France (calendar)

    Get a discount with our partner on the preparation of a tour in France to play for money.

  • Clothing discounts

    Special offers from our partner LERZ.


All you need for a tennis career around the world

$ 150 Year
  • Priority to get offers from european clubs
  • No comissions
  • Everything included in Silver membership
  • Discounts in Europe academies

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